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Customized Insurance
Offering By Policydirect

Policydirect compare products and pricing across several insurance companies and suggests thatfits your requirements.

Canada’s Leading
Insurance Broker

A simple promise : We'll be there when you need us most. When there is if in Life, you can count on PolicyDirect.

No Obligation,
Financial Analysis

We can assist you in reaching your financial goals with personalized financial pathway that meets your unique needs & goals.

Pain-Free Insurance
Solutions For Everything

Get your auto, Property, Travel, Life, Health, Business insurance quote. Your one-stop-solution for all your insurance needs.

About Policydirect

We Care About Your Life’s Important Things

Expert Advice with Superior, Honest Solutions - Reliable, Essential and Yearlong Service.

Deeper Experience

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and it's guaranteed. With a specialized team of professionals on your side, you're sure to get the service you deserve.

Delivering on Promise

We make one simple promise to our customers: We'll be there when you need us most. When there is if in life, you can count on PolicyDirect to take care of the details so you can get on with your life.

Simple – Honest – People that Care

Live Your Life and Enjoy it, we've got you covered, We've been doing this for a long time, and we take pride in getting our customers’ lives back to normal as quickly as possible. We make insurance buying simpler, straightforward and stress-free.

Thoughtful Solutions

We can take care of all your insurance needs, finding the best price and coverage while providing professional personal customer service.we offer Auto, Property, Life, Travel, Health and Commercial insurance from our network of trusted insurance partners

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630+ Trusted Customers


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Insurance Areas You
Can Fully Trust

Live Your Life and Enjoy it, we've got you covered. At PolicyDirect, we’ve made the process of buying insurance as easy and painless as possible. We combine modern technology, intuitive design and human expertise to make insurance buying simpler, straightforward and stress-free.

Auto Insurance

We will help you explore the available alternatives for automobile insurance and ensure that your policy premium remains very competitive.

Property Insurance

We offer personal home & property insurance policies that provide peace of mind in knowing your most valuable assets are protected.

Travel Insurance

Explore the world with confidence. We provide travel insurance products for every travel need – Simple travel insurance to make your life easier.

Health Insurance

Protect against medical expenses due to unforeseeable illnesses. We work with leading providersfor a solution according to your needs and budget.

Life Insurance

It is a financial safety net. Life insurance premiums are worth the cost to protect the people you love by giving them a tax-free payment after you die.


Our licensed financial services representatives are here to assist you in creating a complete investment portfolio to meet your investment goals.

Coverage That Protect Your World!

Not sure which policy suits you the best?

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    • Pledge
    • Values

    Living a Confident Life

    Our objective is the Apex of Success. We need to arrive at that objective by our cutting edge thinking, hard work, modern technology, truthfulness and unrivaled support of the Clients. We are focused on our motto "Your problem is Our Responsibility to give solution''. We are here for building long-term relationships and customer loyalty remains at the forefront of everything we do.

    • Prompt, efficient, and hassle-free service.
    • To save people money so they can live better.
    • To cut unnecessary steps to offer the affordable price, with the same coverage.

    Reliable, Essential, Yearlong Service

    Working with insurance companies who have strong leadership, clear vision, super claims service, proactive underwriting support, innovative insurance products, a continuing commitment to investing in technology, and who view us first and foremost as a valued partner.

    • We make one simple promise to our customers: We'll be there when there is if in life.
    • Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority.
    • Ethical and always Professional Advice.


    • Every day, we do what we do to give our clients peace of mind for their futures and for their families’ futures – to make Life brighter.
    • Respectful: we treat everyone with dignity, and value diverse experiences and perspectives.
    • Innovative: we seek opportunities to be creative and explore future possibilities.
    • Bold: we courageously pursue best practices, new ideas, solutions and opportunities to improve.
    • Responsive: we listen to understand and connect.
    • Transparent: we are genuine and candid in our interactions, and we hold ourselves accountable.
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    Customized Insurance Offerings

    How PolicyDirect works?

    Customize Your Experience & Leading Globally

    We’re a 100% independent insurance advisor and we are not owned by an insurance company. Insurance rates change every day, your best price today may not be your best price next year. Insurance companies fluctuate their rates up and down all the time and your situation changes too. You don’t have the time to call every insurance company or visit every website in Ontario. We do the work for you and shop your renewal with our network of insurance companies to make sure you never overpay for insurance again.

    At PolicyDirect, we’ve made the process of buying insurance as easy and painless as possible. Five minutes on the phone, or five minutes completing our on-line form and we can gather all the necessary information we need from you to shop for you.In just a few short minutes you could be on the way to obtaining coverage, protecting your loved ones, and having the peace of mind knowing you’ve taken care of all your protection needs.

    years of unbeaten & trust of customers around the world
    Customize Your Experience & Leading Globally

    Ready To Boost Your Career?

    When you join PolicyDirect, you’ll get more than a job. You’ll get a career.


    What Our Loving
    Clients Saying

    The way you will listen to your customers while also prioritizing our business should be the gold standard.

    Committed to Savings

    Insurance For Car, Home, Travel, Life & More, Get the most accurate estimate for your insurance needs.

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