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Boat & Watercraft Insurance

boat and watercraft insurance

Our boat and watercraft insurance experts are anchored down and waiting to assist you!


Purchasing quality boat and watercraft insurance in Ontario is an essential part of protecting your investment and lifestyle against financial hardship. Having the right type and amount of insurance for your particular boat ensures you are protected from potential risks.


We will help you explore the available alternatives for insurance and ensure that your policy premium remains very competitive. Furthermore, we will also assist you in obtaining a quote from multiple insurance providers to maximize your cost savings.

Why You Need Boat Insurance?

Just like all your other valuable assets, having comprehensive insurance for your boat or watercraft is imperative.


Often boat and watercraft insurance policies cover your boat, motor, boating equipment, and accessories against risks such as vandalism, theft, and collision.


One of the most important reasons you must obtain boat insurance is that it will help protect you financially if you injure someone or cause damage to another person’s property while operating your boat or watercraft.


We’ll take care of your insurance needs so you can enjoy boating season without worry. We have the comprehensive boat and watercraft insurance coverage you need.

Your coverage can also include:

WHO HAS TO GET BOAT INSURANCE?Boat Insurance is not mandatory in Canada but it is highly recommended. That being said, there are a few cases where boat insurance is mandatory. One example is if you are looking to moor your boat at a marina. Many marinas will require you to have a certain amount of boat liability insurance. In addition, if you are financing a boat, your bank may require you to carry boat insurance until you have paid off the loan.Yet, as with any investment we recommend you have the coverage to ensure that you are protected for no matter what happens. Could you afford to cover someone’s medical expenses if you caused injury? How about if you caused damage to property? Contact our boat insurance specialist today!



We Care About Your Life’s Important Things. Expert Advice with Superior, Honest Solutions – Reliable, Essential and Yearlong Service. At PolicyDirect, we’ve made the process of buying insurance as easy and painless as possible.


We reward smart, safe, and loyal drivers with better rates. It’s our way of saying thanks for keeping our roads safe and for trusting us to take care of you when you need it most.

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We recognize that no two drivers are alike – nor are their needs.. That’s why we assess your personal situation and consider many variables when selecting your auto insurance policy.


Our goal is to ensure we match your coverage to your individual driving experience and lifestyle. Whether you are a new driver or you’ve had a few accidents or multiple tickets, we can help.


We will shop different car insurance companies on your behalf to find the most suitable insurance company offering the coverage you need at the best possible price we can find.

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