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Funeral Insurance




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Funeral Insurance

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Protect Your Family, your family the worry about your burial expenses.

Planning your funeral is not the most pleasant thing to do. But funeral Insurance can spare your family from having to make decisions and worry about burial expenses.


Even a basic funeral can cost thousands of dollars. Funeral insurance is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your family. Since it covers all end-of-life expenses, it will ensure your loved ones won’t be burdened with costs after you’re gone.


Most of us understand the value of life insurance coverage in ensuring that our family can continue to fund their normal costs in the case of our death. The goal is for peace of mind, to make sure you have enough money to pay off your debts and cover expenses.


Funeral insurance is a tool that can assist your loved ones in covering the costs and burden of your final arrangements. It is more than just a life insurance policy as it provides all of your funeral and burial wishes. Your heirs will not be wondering what you would have wanted for your choice of end-of-life celebrations. It’s not just insurance. It’s a pre-planned event that you leave for your heirs.

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Do I need final expense insurance ?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Whether you need funeral insurance depends on your health and financial condition. Planning for your funeral in advance is a good idea. It will save your loved ones stress and money when the time comes. Buying a final expense insurance policy is one way to do that — but it is not the only way.

If You Are In A Good Financial Position,

You can set aside money for your funeral, before the need arises. Talk to your family to let them know how you want these funds to be used.

If You Are Young And Healthy,

Consider buying a term or permanent life insurance policy. Your family can use part of the proceeds to cover funeral expenses.

If You Are On A Tight Budget,

Burial insurance may be better for you. Since these policies have smaller payouts, their premiums are lower than those of permanent life insurance.

For The Elderly And People In Poor Health,

Funeral insurance may be a better option. When you are older, it can be less expensive than life insurance. And if you have a chronic health condition and want insurance for funeral costs, burial insurance may be your only option.


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How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Canada?

Funeral Plans are not a form of investment or retirement plan. Its primary and only purpose is to cover costs like memorial services, coffins, flowers, cremation, or a plot, anything to do with the funeral itself.


The average cost for burial in Canada is between $5,000 and $10,000. But remember, the funeral costs can vary greatly depending on what you want. Nobody likes to talk about death, but planning final arrangements in advance can take a lot of pressure off your loved ones. You can cover funeral costs and your end-of-life expenses with a life insurance policy or a final expense policy.

Benefits Of Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance

In Canada, it is advisable for seniors aged 70 years and above to think about funeral expenses and be sure that the funeral home will take care of all arrangements. The premiums might be slightly higher as they are designed to pay for the funeral in today's dollars but with the future value of the arrangements regardless of the cost of benefits in the future.

The cost depends on the amount of coverage needed, the age and health conditions of the insured. Another vital reason for purchasing coverage is to provide peace of mind that all the arrangements have been decided upon with fixed cost.

The premium is paid for the costs and arranged before death with the funeral home. We provide peace of mind through the right quote and price tag from a reputable insurance company.

Types of Funeral Insurance?

There are two types of funeral insurance policies. Both help you cover your final expenses, though they vary in pricing and eligibility requirements.

Burial Insurance

Burial and Preneed Burial Insurance are two forms of funeral expense life insurance policies. Having any of these types of funeral insurance plans will help you budget and plan for your funeral expenses in advance.


Funeral expense life insurance pays for your burial or cremation costs when you pass away. Because many people are unaware that funerals can cost thousands of dollars, they do not  plan ahead. Families or loved ones who must bear the funeral bills may face financial difficulty as a result of not pre-planning a funeral.

Preneed Burial Insurance

This can relieve loved ones of the administrative burden of planning a funeral during a difficult time. You can work with the funeral home of your choosing to pick, specify, and pay for exactly what you want for your funeral if you choose to obtain preneed insurance.


This can help your family avoid making unpleasant decisions that aren’t in line with your wishes. As well it can help to avoid conflict amongst loved ones.

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